Where do the Johnston's come from?   

                                                   Sometime around 1124  Normans lords traveled with King David I of Scotland to an area called The Borders.   

                                                   It was here the king deeded to the de brus clan a parcel of land (200,000 acres) in the area called Annandale. One

                                                   of these lords went by the name of John, this was his only name. The de brus clan deeded a parcel of their land to 

                                                   John,  and this became John's land and these lands came to be known as Jonestun, literally meant the "lands of 

                                                   John".  Of course John didn't go by this name (Jonestun), but his son became known as Gilbert de Johnestune.

                                                   This name was given to countless thousands who sought refuge in the land of Johnstone.                         



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