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Our Ancestors

Gabriel Russell & Mary J Johnston

Father of Andrew Johnston

Married Dec 30, 1847


                                          Andrew and Minnie                                                                           J R & Sarah Shrader                

              Frank Johnston's Parents  Robert Johnston's Grandparents                                            Lena Johnston's Parents

                                       Married - Sept 21, 1893



                                     Frank & Lena Johnston                                                                              Robert A Johnston

                                    Robert Johnston's Parents                                                             Husband of  Alice Slavinski Johnston

                                      Married Dec 3, 1919                                                                             Married April 12, 1946



                                        Margaret Hyland Williams                                                                             Alice Williams Slavinski

                                   Mother of Alice Williams Slavinski                                                                     Mother of Alice Johnston



                   Alice Slavinski Johnston With Father Frank Slavinski



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